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Busy winter, constant stream of air filter orders
Adddate:2016-12-14 11:55:26    Viewcount:2141


Speaking of this year's economic situation, everyone will feel slightest chill. With the economic downturn is a new round of price surge, the price of coal, steel and paper making industry have soared.


In the face of this difficult environment, Jieyu filter conquer the difficulties, make a satisfactory answer with practical action.

Since the winter, the engine air filters order in a continuous line, through the busy October, November, the last month of 2016 still a busy and happy month. Thanks for every one’s hard working. The New year Hebei Jieyu filter will still make arduous effort in the R&D, continue to provide customers with High quality automotive filters products as in the past.


We believed Product line is the bottom line of people, only respect the product, always with a heart of awe, then can really do a good job.