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Happy Father's Day-Hebei jieyu filter
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 In fear, paternal love is a stepping stone; In the dark, paternal love is a lamp of lighting.

This weekend's father's day, Are you ready to express your love to your father?

In the impression of a lot of people, father is always busy. busy working, busy making money.

Sometimes he like a Superman, never shows bitterness and tired. Maybe just for this reason, the communication with father have not so much fun and his mind is more and more difficult to guess.

He always had a calm look, we didn’t know what can do to let father be satisfied with us. When you a kid, have you ever tried to study desperately or doing other good things to please father, let him praise you, even if smile at you.

Many “fahers” have more or less connections with Jieyu Filter, For example, Jieyu workers, Jieyu sales, Jieyu engineers, Jieyu customers and So on. Most of them are already proficient in their father’s role. Jieyu in awe of their “great fatherhood” will also make efforts to make these “fathers” pay get a bumper harvest.