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Sorry, jieyu filter never produce the fake product
Adddate:2016-05-09 17:52:01    Viewcount:1051

Sorry, jieyu filter never produce the fake products.

When handing the inquires and consultation, we meet some one asked such request many times.

Like, use the world famous car brand or logo as the filter packing without authorization, let the consumer misunderstand air filter is original. or to fabricate false brand or logo let the packing shows oil filter is made from Europe. We said No, give a resolute refusal to all of these or similar request.

Sorry, we never produce the fake products. As the benchmarking enterprise in engine filter industry, we just produce the real and high quality filters. Now, more and more customers come to buy filters from us because they now jieyu filter is a very reliable manufacturer, we worth to be trusted on.