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customers give a thumbs up to our oval air filter
Adddate:2016-05-17 23:50:30    Viewcount:1245

This automotive oval air filter. because it’s big size, oval shape and special production process , it is hard to ensure the air filter have a good look under current domestic production conditions. It always have a uneven PU flash. Although the filter quality is totally no problem, it is not effect the using at all, customer think it is ok. but some of pity this oval air filter do not have a good appearance.

Our engineer Mr Zhao examine and sort out the production process of the filter carefully, tried to find a solution to let the oval air filter not only high quality but also with good look. He worked overtime for several days. think about how to solve the problem. Finally he found a way to handle it.

Customer was very happy when he saw this improved new oval air filter, thumbs up to show appreciation.

In Automechanika Shanghai exhibition and AAPEX show in USA, this oval air filter attracted many visitors attention by it’s high quality and good looking. One customer from Taiwan even can not believe Chinese Mainland have automotive filters manufacturer can produce such beautiful oval air filter. After come back to the office he placed a 1000pcs order soon.

Another visitor from America take the air filter and see it carefully, said this car air filter is perfect, much better than the one he bought in USA

Thanks to the all the customer's support and praise, Jieyu filter will continue to work hard to produce more good engine air filters