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The dangers of poor quality cabin air filter
Adddate:2016-06-07 01:46:57    Viewcount:1330

 The dangers of poor quality cabin air filter

1.      The filter media of poor quality cabin air filter with hard texture, generally adopt one layer filter, this easy to be clogged, the air permeability is bad.

2.      The adhesive materials of poor quality cabin air filter  is bad, it is easy crack, the service life is short. Activated carbon distribution is uneven can not filter the toxic gas effectively.

3.      Inferior quality cabin air filter can not filter the dust and remove the peculiar smell. Harmful gas in the air into the car, caused damage to the human respiratory system, the health is affected.

4.      Poor quality cabin air filter easy to cause the dust and foreign body accumulation in the evaporator, then produce peculiar smell.