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Air filter quotation, the factors influencing air
Adddate:2016-09-07 01:27:35    Viewcount:1401

                                                 Air filter quotation, the factors influencing air filter price


Now, there are many air filter manufactures in China, the price is very different, So the air filter price affected by what factors?  How the air filter suppliers calculate the price of air filter?  Let us to look at as follows

1.      Air Filter Price –Raw Material

The main material of air filter is filter paper, there are different types of filter paper, the price vary widely. If customer just compare the air filter price it will being cheated. The price of high quality filter paper is half expensive than the low quality filter paper. Except filter paper, the sealing material polyurethane is another main raw material. The Polyurethane price with good flexible, uniform color and odorless more higher than the poor quality one.


2.      Air Filter Price-Workmanship

Same raw material but air filter price is different, because the workmanship cost should be considered, for example, the size tolerance of air filter, whether the pleat space is uniform and compact, polyurethane side is smooth or not, air filter appearance is good or not.


Above is the factors to influence the air filter quotation, With the development of network, air filter price also changed transparent gradually, but buyer will never cleverer than the seller. air filter price only can be used as a reference factor, the most important is to choose a reliable air filter manufacturer.