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Automotive filters manufactures testing standard
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                                                                  Automotive filters manufactures testing standard


In recent years, the rapid development of auto industry, stimulating the demand for auto parts market, provide a broad market space for China's automotive filters.


So automotive filters manufacturers has a explosive growth. there are more than 1000 automotive filters factories in China but many are family workshop style.

The good and the bad are intermingled can not make sure auto filters quality, so the phenomenon of do shoddy work and use inferior material is very common. Many customer have the experience of being cheated .


So before buy the auto filters customer need to do a comprehensive inspection on the manufacturers, well from which aspects to inspect the automotive filters suppliers?


1.      Manufacturer's Strength

 Some company is the flying-by-night company, if you need to buy large lot of automotive filters, it is very necessary to visit the factory, to see the Manufacturer's size, equipment, and products


2.      Manufacturer's Experience

How many years of production experience in engine filter industry.


3.      Manufacturer's Customer

 If the manufacture’s filters be approved by high-end market and have the famous customers in the line, this can tell that both in technical and product quality this supplier should be good. Like jieyu filter’s product approved by European and American market, is the air filter supplier for Top 500 enterprise so customer so consumers more assured of their filters.


4.      Manufacturer's Testing Equipment.

Filter media is the main raw material of automotive filters but many small manufacturers do not have filter media test equipment, they always used the inferior quality filter media to reduce the cost, done a shoddy job with substandard material.


5.      Manufacturer's Technical Level.

Customer like to compare the price, but just from the automotive filters price can not show our value, in fact we more attention should paid on the Manufacturer's technical level, high technical level come out the excellent workmanship, you can feel it from the first sight.


6.      Manufacturer's After Sales Service.

As a automotive filters supplier we have been advocating no after sales is the best after-sales, but once one customer has a problem, a qualified automotive filters manufacturer need to be able to respond positively , responsible for the customers.